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Sumatra Indonesia Riau Siak Sri Indrapura

Sumatra Indonesia Riau is one of the provinces of the huge island of Sumatra, very different from Bali. Hotels here are not as numerous and luxurious but there are many cultures to observe, history to track and natural habitats to conserve.

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Pekanbaru Indonesia Riau Province

Pekanbaru Indonesia Riau Province is an interesting place to observe big plantations, oil exploration and a varied population very different from Bali, its hotels, and international tourism. The traditions and culture here are different, authentic, steeped in history, wars,

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Bukittinggi Indonesia; Clock Tower

Bukittinggi Indonesia is a completely different travel destination than Bali with its hotels for relaxation and pampering. Here you are invited to discover some important Indonesian history, modern leaders, and its heroes. A completely different culture

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Cheap Hotels Bali are Easy to Find

Enjoy great cheap hotels Bali that are scattered all over the island. Be sure to pick one in the best location for you needs.

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Bali Indonesia; A Luxury Hotel Destination

Bali Indonesia is the first international holiday destination in Indonesia that was developed by the government. Beautiful hotel resorts with gracious service situated in lush tropical

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Accommodation Indonesia; Art and luxury in Jakarta

I had a great chance to explore a new accommodation Indonesia in the heart of the capital Jakarta, yes, far from the relaxed Bali beaches and yet very invigorating, colorful and surprising.

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Bali Hotel Quack Helps You Plan Your Perfect Vacation

We have experienced the beauty and warmth of this tropical island many times. Bali Hotel Quack gives you the insights you need organize your dream holiday

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Ambon Indonesia Hotel; Amaris a City Accommodation

You do not choose this Ambon Indonesia hotel for the same reason you book accommodation in Bali. This hotel for us was just a stopover or transit for our real destination which was the Spice Islands of Banda Neira; the nutmeg islands and also a great spot for diving

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Ambon Indonesia; Heart of Maluku

Ambon Indonesia is definitely worth a trip. For most tourists, though it is a gateway to the Spice Islands and then relaxing holidays in a hotel in Bali. The Spice Islands are the origin of three very important flavorings we use in cooking also in the food,

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List of Spices; Nutmeg Grew on a Tiny Archipelago

Explore an important part of the list of spices. And No, this discovery cannot be done from your hotel in Bali, you actually have to travel to the Spice

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