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Ambon Indonesia Hotel; Amaris a City Accommodation

You do not choose this Ambon Indonesia hotel for the same reason you book accommodation in Bali. This hotel for us was just a stopover or transit for our real destination which was the Spice Islands of Banda Neira; the nutmeg islands and also a great spot for diving

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Ambon Indonesia; Heart of Maluku

Ambon Indonesia is definitely worth a trip. For most tourists, though it is a gateway to the Spice Islands and then relaxing holidays in a hotel in Bali. The Spice Islands are the origin of three very important flavorings we use in cooking also in the food,

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List of Spices; Nutmeg Grew on a Tiny Archipelago

Explore an important part of the list of spices. And No, this discovery cannot be done from your hotel in Bali, you actually have to travel to the Spice

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Experience Awesome Dive Vacations

Of course, you can enjoy some interesting dive vacations right from your comfortable hotel in Bali. Better yet, sidestep the big tourist hub and explore

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Banda Island Beautiful, Authentic, Friendly

Why should you give up luxurious Bali hotel stays for an adventure trip to Banda Island? This tiny archipelago is an off the beaten track trip

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Banda Neira Forgotten Island

You probably have heard little of Banda Neira. It is a small island very far from Bali with its comfortable hotels; it takes time and effort to get there

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Indonesia Islands East of Bali

There is plenty to explore on Indonesia Islands east of Bali. The hotels might not be as numerous or luxurious as Bali; the adventure, discoveries and fun

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Dive Indonesia Banda Neira

Book an adventure trip, for example, dive Indonesia Banda Neira; before or after enjoying a luxury retreat in a hotel in Bali. The Nutmeg islands of the Banda Sea have plenty to offer

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Spice Island Beach Resort Cilu Bintang

Discover Spice Island beach resort on Banda Neira before or after traveling to Bali with its luxurious hotels. If you are interested to visit a destination off the beaten track

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Bali’s Gunung Agung has Erupted / Update December 1, 2017

Indonesia, especially Java is experiencing bad weather with freak storms and lots of downpours. Many areas are flooded, houses destroyed and traveling stopped. The ferries between Gilimanuk Bali and Ketapang Banyuwangi East Java have been stopped for a while due to weather.

In Bali, people are still waiting and watching Gunung Agung. Experts say that the crater is filled about 1/3 with magma and tremors have increased in frequency and strength and is still expelling ash clouds. An explosion is still a high possibility. The danger zone is still the same as the last few days and the locals are reminded not to go back home but stay in shelters at a safe distance. Tourists are also warned not to attempt climbing the mountain.

Since the ash cloud over Denpasar and the international airport keeps shifting and then comes back, Ngurah Rai airport is operating normally as much as possible. Shifting winds are also difficult for the airports in Lombok and Labuan Bajo the gateway for the island of Komodo with its dragons.

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