Bali Hotel Accommodation Varied and Plentiful  

There is definitely no shortage of Bali hotel accommodation. Every year more and more hotels are built. Some are very luxurious, some-budget friendly and some exclusive. Do not just concentrate on the hotel you want to stay at; it is important that you choose the right corner of Bali that suits your wants and needs. 

Bali Hotel Accommodation We Have Visited

It all started with beautiful garden hotels right at the beach in Sanur. Since the hotel buildings themselves cannot be built taller than coconut trees or about 4 stories, the whole stretch of varying accommodations did not look out of place or excessive.

Our favorite Prama Sanur Beach Hotel

Then Kuta became a more affluent place, the front row along Jalan Kuta (the main road) turned again into attractive hotels and bungalows; and along the same beach to the north many more accommodations grew.

Kuta Bex or Kuta Seaview Resort  or even a Surf Club

The governments then developed the Southern-most tip into the exclusive tourist hub of Nusa Dua

Behind the big hotels along the beaches, there are plenty of smaller hotels, some boutique and some by local and international chains. The locals too are cashing in on the boom and built much smaller villas or apartments. 

In Jimbaran Villa Jegeg, a whole street of hotels and restaurants

Indonesian Must Eat Foods

1. Nasi Goreng; Fried Rice, it can be cooked with almost anything, with any meat, any vegetables, with or without chili peppers. The only must-have ingredients are cooked rice and salty or sweet soy sauce,  a typical Bali food too.

2. Mie Goreng/Rebus; noodles come in many varieties and forms in Indonesia, they can be in a soup with meat and vegetables or stir-fried with seafood and greens and anything in between. 

3. Bakso; glorious meatballs in soup or fried,  with or without noodles

4. Soto Ayam or the like; soups clear or with coconut milk with all sorts of proteins and condiments can be found everywhere. 

5. Sate; meat skewers (chicken, beef)  with peanut sauce

6. Gado-Gado; vegetable salad with rice cakes and peanut sauce

7. Rujak; fruit salad with sour or barely ripe tropical fruit served with spicy peanut sauce

8. Martabak Telor; square flat and layered spring roll. Thinly rolled out dough is fried on a flat skilled and filled with thinly cut lamb meat and scrambled egg, folded to a square and cut in bite-size pieces. It is mostly sold by roadside stalls and packed in cardboard boxes.

9. Martabak Manis; sweet pancake-like square filled with chocolate, peanuts, and cheese.

10. Krupuk; crackers come in many forms and colors and are made from shrimp, cow skin, vegetables, and others

11. Cendol; a drink with coconut milk sweetened with syrup and some fruit pieces and seaweed or others

12. Jus Alpukat; sweet juice made with Avocados condensed sweet milk and chocolate powder

13. Es Campur; a mountain of shaved ice with colorful syrup and any number of fruit pieces and seaweed pieces and palm fruit like kolang-kaling and nata the coco.

Yes, Bali food and Indonesian foods are plenty and very divers. Please enjoy experiencing them all while you stay at any of the varied bali hotel accommodation.

Bali Hotel Accommodation

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