Bali Food Top 7

Holidays include delicious meals; discover our Bali food top 7. Besides the choices of restaurants in luxurious hotels you can find mouth-watering treats everywhere. Be advised that Balinese cuisine can be quite hot, meaning spicy. The local markets are full of exotic looking seafood, vegetables, spices and fruit and these are all used to prepare the most delicious and tasty food. 

There are plenty of international restaurants, fast food chains, next to local upcoming restaurants with chefs who experiment with their heritage and local produce. Some of the typical local Balinese eateries are great choices. Plenty of them have been visited by famous chefs or stars and their specific dish lavishly complimented.

And then there is the street food. The Balinese eat whenever and wherever; there are no eating times. Rolling kitchens or food carts come around small alley ways and stop right in front of shops, private residences and complexes. If you eat from these carts, only choose freshly cooked fare if possible use your own plates; you never know how plates and glasses are washed and dried. Never eat already peeled fruit or desserts from carts; you can get sick (Bali bug) very fast. 

We have eaten typical Bali food in a local diner in Sanur that serves delicious Fish Soup.

In the rural area of Tabanan along a lonely street with view of stunning rice fields you can eat typical Balinese chicken.

And here are some famous restaurants in

Seminyak Motel Mexicola

Behind the long line of fancy hotels along the main thoroughfare and beach of Kuta you can find smaller international and local restaurants that are a hit with tourists and locals alike

Visit the old new Restaurant Biku and a

relaxing and entertaining beach club Potato Head.

Looking for night time entertainment? 

Must Try Bali Cuisine 

1. Babi Guling; piglet roasted over fire or a grill, many luxurious and also road side diners claim to serving the best Babi Guling

2. Ayam Betutu; slow cooked chicken with plenty of spices accompanied with rice and several typical side dishes. Kathy ate the best one in Tabanan

3. Sate Lilit; a meat skewer where the meat (typically Tenggiri fish, chicken, pork) is finely minced, mixed with Balinese spices then wrapped around a bamboo skewer or Lemon Grass stem, grilled

4. Bebek Bengil; is crispy fried duck it is also the name of restaurants

5. Nasi Pedas/Campur; for any meal of the day a rice dish with a main protein like chicken and several side dishes like vegetables and others

6. Tipat Contok; is a vegetable and rice cake salad with peanut sauce; in other parts of Indonesia it is called Gado-Gado

7. Rujak Pindang; pieces of tropical sour fruit (not fully ripened) mixed with a spicy peanut sauce

Some of these Bali Food dishes include tropical fruit; read about them below!

Bali Food Unique Tropical Fruits

1. Durian or Duren; the king of rain forest fruit; it smells very bad but fans can’t get enough of it

2. Mangosteen or Manggis; thik reddish skin containing a whitish mandarin like cluster; the skin is manufactured into capsules taken as supplement to improve health and immune system

3. Salak or Snake Skin Fruit; formerly typical Bali fruit today grown also in Yogyakarta

4. Rambutan; hairy bright red fruit resembles the Litchi 

5. Jambu; a relative of the clove, allspice and the guava; most commonly eaten varieties: Jumbu Bol, Jambu Mawar, Jambu Air, Jambu Jambolan, Jambu Air Rhio, and Jambu Batu

6. Sirsak; an odd shaped fruit with green skin and white flesh and seeds makes delicious jus 

7. Buah Nangka or Jack Fruit; a huge spiky fruit that grows on the stems of trees; the fruit segments are delicious (although the aroma might be strange) is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

8. Tamarillo or Tree Tomato or Terong Belanda can be bought fresh or as a syrup to sweeten juices

9. Kolang-Kaling or buah atap is the seed of a palm fruit that is grilled, peeled and fermented; it is added to shaved ice dishes or fruit cocktails especially for opening the fast during Ramadan

10. Banana; come in many different shapes, sizes and colors; some need to be cooked before eating, some are favorites for frying or baking and some are used to help digestion; eat Pisang Ambon if you have difficulties going to the toilet; if you go too often then avoid those and eat either Pisang Mas or Pisang Raja. 

11. Kelapa Muda or Coconut; the young fruit is a great hydrator, it is slightly sweet and contains many beneficial minerals that can be absorbed by the body very fast. The ripe fruit yields coconut flesh that is either dried or soaked in water to extract the creamy substance to thicken sauces.  

12. Mangoes; many varieties delicious and sweet when eaten ripe; also used in pickles, preserves and chutneys

13. Pinapple or Nanas 

14. Papaya 

Hotels do Serve Local Tropical Fruit

Bali Food on breakfast buffets in hotels in Bali are plentiful and legendary! Of course the higher up on the star rating scale they are the more choices from East and West you will find. A must in our health conscious era is fruit. Balinese fruit are simply cut and put on a plate or mixed in various mixed dishes like fruit salads or cendols etc. Yogurt and fruit is a favorite and of course the Swiss Birchermuesli. You will also find clear soups, and porridge kind of delicacies to try. 

The following hotels serve fabulous breakfast buffets: TS Suites in Seminyak a 4 star hotel; our longtime favorite Prama Sanur Beach; the 4 Seasons in Jimbaran; the Pan Pacific at Tanah Lot  and many more

Bali Food

Start With More Common Indonesian Fare  

1. Nasi Goreng; Fried Rice, it can be cooked with almost anything, with any meat, any vegetables, with or without chili peppers. The only must have ingredients are cooked rice and salty or sweet soy sauce and a typical Bali food too.

2. Mie Goreng/Rebus; noodles come in many varieties and forms in Indonesia, they can be in a soup with meat and vegetables or stir fried with seafood and greens and anything in between. 

3. Bakso; glorious meat balls in soup or fried,  with or without noodles

4. Soto Ayam or the like; soups clear or with coconut milk with all sorts of proteins and condiments can be found everywhere. 

5. Sate; meat skewers (chicken, beef)  with peanut sauce

6. Gado-Gado; vegetable salad with rice cakes and peanut sauce

7. Rujak; fruit salad with sour or barely ripe tropical fruit served with spicy peanut sauce

8. Martabak Telor; square flat and layered spring roll. Thinly rolled out dough is fried on a flat skilled and filled with thinly cut lamb meat and scrambled egg, folded to a square and cut in bite size pieces. It is mostly sold by road side stalls and packed in cardboard boxes.

9. Martabak Manis; sweet pancake like square filled with chocolate, peanuts and cheese.

10. Krupuk; crackers come in many forms and colors and are made from shrimp, cow skin, vegetables and others

11. Cendol; a drink with coconut milk sweetened with syrup and some fruit pieces and sea weed or others

12. Jus Alpukat; sweet jus made with Avocados condensed sweet milk and chocolate powder

13. Es Campur; mountain of shaved ice with colorful syrup and any number of fruit pieces and sea weed pieces and palm fruit like kolang-kaling and nata the coco.

Yes, Bali food and Indonesian foods are plenty and very divers. Please enjoy experiencing them all!

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