Bali Flights; Easy Way to Get There

Take Bali flights directly from many cities in Asia and Australia to Ngurah Rai airport. And spend a fabulous holiday in one of the many hotels available. Bali is only one of the more than 17,000 islands in the archipelago that makes up the Republic Indonesia. A string of bigger and smaller landmasses in the middle of a turquoise Indian Ocean and smack in between the Asian mainland and Australia. You can reach it by plane and ship.

Here is more detailed information if you still ask: Where is Bali in Indonesia and my thoughts on the issue? We will explain things from the point of view geography and mythology

On this Page we Discuss the Following Points:

  • Bali flights are frequent
  • Do you need a visa?
  • The Rupiah is the Indonesian currency
  • Airport tax upon leaving
  • Reserve Flights and Hotels is Easy
  • How to get around Bali

Bali Flights are Frequent

Today there are many airlines carrying holiday makers straight to Denpasar, the capital of Bali from many cities in Asia and Australia. You can fly the all time best and fabulous Singapore Airlines from almost anywhere in the world. You will have to change planes in Singapore though.

If you would like to know more about Garuda’s role in the mythical story of Ramayana, please take the time to watch a Kecak dance before you leave the island.

Garuda Indonesia is the National Carrier

It is aptly named after one of the characters in the mythical Hindu Epic, the Ramayana love story. Garuda is the mount of the god Vishnu. Garuda helped Rama find and free his beloved wife Shinta from the villain Rahwana.

Cheap or Budget Carriers

Today you will find plenty of budget carriers flying out of Asia and many of them have transportation rights to Bali. The biggest and fastest growing company is Air Asia.

Get tips and tricks on how to plan and book cheap Bali flights part one and part two so that you can enjoy your trip fully.

Budget your Bali Vacations

Do You Need a Visa?

Many foreigners need a visa to be allowed to enter the Republic of Indonesia including the island of Bali. many countries can ask for a tourist visa on arrival in Indonesia. Please ask the Indonesian Embassy in your country for accurate information for the duration of your vacations.

The Rupiah is the Indonesian Currency

The average exchange rate is about IRD/ Rp. 15,000 for 1 US$. Please see the accurate course for today.

There are official money changers located everywhere in tourist centers. There are also plenty of ATM machines in small supermarkets and on the street where you can get cash directly from your bank account in local currency. Make sure you have a card with a password that allows you to get cash from ATM. favorites are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.  Most Hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards.  Please keep cash ready for taxis, street vendors, and souvenirs in markets. If you want to keep in touch with your loved ones at home, here is what calling card to purchase. 

What You Need to Know

• Drink bottled water only. The hotels filter their water but not to the point of healthy drinking water.

• Do not eat raw food in markets and from street vendors unless you have washed, peeled and cut it yourself. This is to avoid having any digestive problems during your holidays.

• Electricity: Indonesia uses 220-240 V AC, the picture shows you what kind of plugs are common in Indonesia including Bali.

Airport Tax Upon Leaving

Upon leaving Denpasar Bali you will have to pay an airport tax. In most countries this fee is included in your air ticket but not in Indonesia. You will have to pay Rp. 75,000 for domestic travel and 200,000 for international travel. 

Update 2016: with the new airport operating all fees should now be included in the airfare for all Bali flights

Reserve Bali Flights and Hotels Easily 

Today it is very easy to book a flight as well as a hotel. There are many booking sites that offer one or the other or both. When booking please make sure that you know exactly what you are booking. The services you get in-flight and the same also counts for accommodation. As for flights; you will automatically land at Ngurah Ray Bali, there is only one airport.

As for hotels and such: there are plenty of destinations along beaches or in mountainous regions. In the middle of all the action, fun and parties or along quieter smaller villages. Our site gives you plenty of information and choices on hotels, villas, suites, apartments and more. 

See luxury resorts or general hotels, different accommodations and of course budget offerings for hotels villas and such.

How to Get Around Bali

Car Rental 

There are several ways to get around the island and explore its many aspects, read about the possibilities and the does and don'ts here. 

There are many taxi companies in Bali. The most recommended is ‘Blue Bird’. There are also many private people offering their car for rental including a driver/guide or to self drive. This is a risky business for you the tourist if you do not know regular prices for the destination you are going to. So avoid hiring these kinds of transport right from the airport, there are plenty of people offering their services there. Always make sure you keep your belongings with you in a taxi. 

It is easy enough to rent a car and also motor bikes. Make sure you have an international driver’s license. They can be brought to you to your hotel or available right at the airport. 

Bali Flights

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