Bali Craft; Souvenirs Galore

Bali craft might have its root in the artistic expression of the Balinese people, their culture and lifestyle. The stone guardians at the entrance of temples are intricately carved and clothed statues. The daily offerings are presented in little square containers made fresh from coconut fronds. Each festival, and there are many throughout the year, are announced and ornamented with Penjors (bamboo poles decorated with complex coconut frond weavings) and food and flower offerings that are stacked up high.

The stone carvings also lead to beautiful wood carvings of various subjects, traditional heroes of Asian mythology or/and also modern inspiration. Paintings too have evolved and are a thought after souvenirs from Bali. Kites were the thing of my days and they are still in fashion in various shapes maybe because of the yearly kite festival in Sanur.

To give your own house a Balinese touch, post golden or red double tiered umbrellas in front of your door and if you have a big garden the typical colorful Indonesian flags should umpf it up. A big Bali craft are furniture. I used to own a 2 meter long wooden dining table with expressive carvings of the Ramayana story with tall matching chairs. Garden furniture is becoming modern and fun.

Bali and also Java have a long tradition of body pampering techniques. Brides do go through several rituals like bathing in water with flower petals, massage and body treatments and special diet to prepare for their new life as a wife. These treatments are used today to relax and revitalize one’s body. Aromatherapy is a well known treatment and the Balinese have developed many products to please locals and foreigners alike. 

From the basic cultural crafts the Balinese have developed many skills and produce a variety of products for the modern tourist market. You do not have to bring lots of cloth for your vacation in Bali. A beach sarong to wrap around your waste for men and women alike takes you almost anywhere. Or wrap a different more classical design as a summer dress; add accessories to make it cool and fashionable. Sandals are worn everywhere you go they are cheap and fun. Buy a batik bikini or shorts for the beach or beautiful handmade lace for a more formal event.

Bali Craft; Souvenirs to Your Heart’s Delight

Keepsakes from your vacation in paradise are available in stores in the tourist centers or if you want to buy in bulk and at cheaper prices go to a specialist souvenir store along the Bypass or Sunset Road. If you want to shop in a pasar or market, they are available everywhere too. The biggest for souvenirs though is the one in Sukawati, south of Ubud. If you go on a tour to the north; pass by there for an authentic shopping experience of Bali crafts. 

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Bali Craft

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