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Today you have a great choice of Bali beaches. Kuta is the most famous one, Sanur was the first developed for tourism; now there are many more. Which is the right one for you?

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Nusa Dua

Canggu, Batu Bolong and Echo beaches

Lembongan Beach; Sand, Sea, Relaxation and Fish

Opposite the well known beach of Sanur one can see the island of Nusa Penida an island not yet developed for tourism. It was said to be the abode of rare birds and the mysterious flying fox, a huge bat.

Next to this quite big island are Lembongan and the tiny Nusa Ceningan. The two small islands have become the insider’s place for snorkeling, diving and surfing. There are no roads to reach it; therefore, life is still relaxed and slow; the perfect spot for beach and sea lovers.

To get there take a fishing or speed boat. They depart from Sanur right in front of Alit’s Beach Hotel. You can buy tickets at several travel agents along Jl. Hang Tua; check the prices. It takes about 1,5 hours to go to Lembongan Beach by speed boat. If you plan a day trip you need to understand that the last boat will return to Sanur Beach by about 4pm. On the way back the sea was a bit choppy, and together with the speed we had quite a rough ride.

One of the Bali Beaches: Lembongan Island great for snorkeling and divingLemobongan Island is a great place to see many different fishes, Tom and Azzam definitely enjoyed the experience.

We decided to take a day trip and have a look also do some snorkeling. I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of fish and sea creatures we could observe as snorkelers. The water was clear, blue and warm with some cool currents in-between. A fisherman took us in his boat to the best spots.

We paid for a 2 hour snorkeling trip right off the beach we landed on with the speed boat; and for us beginners with a toddler that was a beautiful and satisfying experience. Take along some bread or fish food to attract schools of fishes (the fisherman usually provide it).

If you are an avid diver this is the place to observe more exotic sea life; the Mola Mola or Oceanic Sunfish is attracting quite some attention lately and it is best to let an experienced diver take you into their habitat.

The Mola-Mola is a big bony fish a magnet for huge numbers of parasites and the reef at Lembongan is a perfect cleaning station for them. They also love the ‘heat haze’ in the water; the different temperatures and currants that pass through certain spots.

Lembongan was a nice "Catch me by surprise" kind of beach. I had no knowledge prior of what to expect when invited to go there. The boat ride was nice making the journey through the busy channel a swift and relatively cost effective. The beach itself is nothing to shout about; small and busy with boats coming and going carrying tourists.

But once you get on a fishing boat to check out the swim spots, that's where the magic happens. Very nicely tucked spots will cater novice and advanced simmers and snorkelers. I was longing for a swimming session where we could get close and personal with the coral fish and other wild life. Lembongan came through and provided just that. 

The "guides" provide the vest, swim goggles and fins. I wish I had brought my own gear for a snug fit. Then again, just enjoying fish swimming right in front of your nose was good enough to make my day. 

No adequate public showers or toilet facilities are available. So unless getting changed under coconut trees and urinating in a cubical without a door is something you can live with, then consider spending the night at one of the hotels. Just remember not to take huge suitcases along. Taking it from the beach, to the boat, off it, to the hotel and back again will be a lot even for experienced travelers. 

Getting cost friendly food was also tough, so there wasn't much to make us want to stay longer. A great day trip destination, just as long as you bring your own swim gear, a water bottle and a lunch box.

The Hidden Dreamland Beach

Located on the Southern Peninsula which is very dry, with high cliffs and choppy seas you can find several beautiful Bali beaches. Some boast clean yellow sand and some are hidden below high cliffs. One of them is Dreamland Beach. There is one restaurant perching on top of the cliff. They offer food, of course, and also a swimming pool. From there you can easily walk down to the beautiful yellow sand.

You can also reach it directly from the main street. The beach itself offers a public toilet and shower; don’t expect much though. This hidden gem is visited by surfers and sun lovers alike.

Jimbaran Beach

It used to be a fishing village until Four Seasons built its hotel and bungalows on top of the cliff. Then Intercontinental Hotel was constructed right on the sand. The development continued and there are quite some high end accommodations guests can choose from.  

A part of this stretch of inviting yellow sand is known as the ‘the’ place to eat fresh seafood. In the evening waiters set long tables in the sand, light torches and fire up their barbeque grills. There is a whole line of restaurants catering to tourists and all keep their fish and shellfish fresh in tanks. You choose what you want to eat; the kitchen staff kills, cleans and cooks them according to your preference. And the food is great on one of the most perfect Bali beaches!

Jimbaran Beach well known for fresh seafood on the beachand al fresco, fresh seafood dining at night

More Bali Beaches will be described here soon!

Bali Beaches

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