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The New Place to Be Is…

I had heard of this one of the newest Bali attractions, no not a hotel or accommodation, a place where people do not want to leave and where they want to come back to over and over again. This is a fun experience, something to do with your family when it is too hot to be on the beach or on a rainy day when other outdoor activities seem dull. The 3D Dream Museum Zone Bali or DMZ Museum was quite easy to find, it is close to a major traffic light crossing where Jalan Nakula meets Sunset Road.

We had a bit difficulties understanding parking directions though (we do understand the language). It seems that groups arriving in big buses put a strain on the parking facilities. Also the ticket sellers and the supervisors within the facility need more training in communication. They want to be helpful but do not pay attention to what the guests want.

Enough of the negative, let’s get to the positive and there were many fun things to experience. The museum consists of scores of rooms and countless 3D paintings on the walls and floors that are much fun to explore. Stand on the dot before them and have somebody take a picture of you with the background and the result is stunning. See some examples of Kathy and my adventure below

Explore other Bali Attractions with Us!

If you are interested in water sports go here and other things to do. Enjoy the different beaches here. Bali Day and the Ogo-Ogo are interesting facts. One of the most important temples Tanah Lot is a must see. Bali dances are very special and unique; watch the Ketchak and Barong dances and let me know what you think here.

Small Hotels and Inns in Alley Ways

In the main tourist areas there are many shops and restaurants along narrow alleyways you can only reach on foot or maybe motorbike. These hubs are busy all day long until late at night at least for eateries. Most of these places also offer lower prices, the further away you get from the main street or beach, the more local and cheap they get.

We already describe restaurants in Kuta, Seminyak and also Sanur and exclusive and high end clubs with unique vibes and menus. On this page here we would like to show you smaller eateries, along alleyways that are frequented equally by locals and foreign tourists and have made themselves a name for good food and service.

Bali Attractions

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