The Bliss of Bali Aromatherapy

Bali aromatherapy products are sold in many places, hotel shops, malls, supermarkets and especially souvenir shops. People buy them to use in Bali for massages on the beach or in their rooms and also to bring a bit of the islands of the gods to their loved ones back home.

Using essential oils and plant materials for one’s health and wellness is nothing new. This kind of alternative treatment has been used for a long time in many western and eastern countries alike. What might change are the kinds of oils and teas used.

Treat Yourself to the Real Bali Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy products should contain or be pure essential oils from plants, their flowers, fruits, stem, leaves, roots, bark and so on. The plant material is distilled, which can be quite difficult and complicated, that is why the end result can be relative expensive. Different oils contain different beneficial effects for the body; they contain between 50 - 500 natural chemicals. 

Some are known to alleviate health problems like depression, insomnia, headaches, colds and flu and much more when inhaled or used together with a body massage. (not all health professionals agree with my statement) Some of them can also be used as antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. They are best kept in dark colored glass bottles in a cool place.  

Fragrances on the other hand are artificially or chemically produced fragrances that imitated the ones occurring in nature. And these do not automatically have the exact same effect on the body as the natural or pure essential oils have; they might even harm you.

How to Find the Real Thing

The rules and regulations as to what exactly constitutes aromatherapy is very complex. The only way you can purchase a good product is by reading the labels. 

Please do not buy products that have absolutely no information as to their contents on them!

Look for pure essential or natural oils, sold in small bottles. It might be from one plant (e.g. lavender, rose, citronella etc) or already mixed for a specific application mentioned on the label, e.g. colds, migraines etc. Other offerings may contain some essential oils, pure extracts or essences from a plant. They may be mixed with a carrier oil (pure coconut, olive, almond oil etc) to be used for massages. If the product you buy contains a carrier oil and some pure essential oil, the label may say pure or natural oil which is true but it is not pure essential oil and therefore should be cheaper. 

Lotions, soaps, masks and body butters contain a lot of components for the base. Some of the manufacturers actually do use some essential oils or at least natural extracts in them.

So, if you buy a sweet-smelling souvenir to take a little bit of the bliss home, please choose Bali aromatherapy that contains natural extracts or even better pure essential oils. Choose Frangipani which is the typical flower of Bali. Other Indonesian or Asian scents are Cempaka, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Sandal Wood and more.

Another unique treatment that you find in Seminyak is this one:

Watch video directly on YouTube

Luxury Hotels in Bali offer Aromatherapy Products

One of the blessings is the eye to detail in Bali. Not only do many hotels have special Batik uniforms for their staff, they also use hand made pottery for bathroom accessories. Fresh fragrant flowers are a must and some offer quality products to pamper you. 

Hotel shops usually also sell a variety of aromatherapy products to take home as souvenir. Please again read the labels to know what they contain. For cheaper prices visit a souvenir shop; they also offer more choices .

Do you need some budget ideas for your vacation?

If you stay in a hotel in Ubud, shopping for art, paintings, woodcarvings and jewellery is easy.

Staying in Sanur will give you plenty of shopping opportunities too. Here some choices, a summer hotel; an artist museum and one that offers suites; conferences and meetings.

Bali Aromatherapy

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