Air Ticket Indonesia; Rules

Are you ready to book an air ticket Indonesia? You want to see some of the wonders, and enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in a luxurious hotel in Bali? We hope that everything will be smooth, without hitches and delays; that is not always the case though. 

Of course, problems not only affect travels in and through Indonesia, everywhere in the world there are force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances that prevent you from reaching your destination on time or not at all. 

Very often though tight scheduling, wear and tear of machines, stress factors, and sometimes simply the weather are the reasons for delays and cancellations. 

On this page, I would like to explain the most simple and maybe most important air ticket Indonesian rules concerning flight delays to you, so that you have a better understanding of what it is you have a right to and what not.

Before I start, I would like to remind you that arriving late is much better than having an accident that leads to death and injuries. So, if repairs have to be done or better weather conditions awaited, be grateful that professionals take their job seriously and are concerned about your safety. 

Screaming at airline staff, especially cabin crew does not help speed up any process. In Indonesia, it will intimidate them to the point that they disappear. Please be patient at all times and keep your cool; stay polite with any staffs, who are trying their best.

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Air Ticket Indonesia; Delays

Delayed Departure or Arrival time: 

  • Delay 30-90 minutes; scheduled airlines must provide snacks and drinks to their passengers. In most cases, you will get a small box with drinking water and a bread roll or pastry, sweet or savory.
  • Delay 90-180 minutes passengers get snacks as described above and a main meal (lunch or dinner, maybe also in a box) and have the right to be moved to the next scheduled flight or even to another airline.
  • More than 180 minutes delay: passengers get the above-mentioned services. If passengers do not want to be moved to other flights, the airline must find accommodation for them and provide a flight the next day. 
  • More than 4 hours delay: each passenger gets a compensation of Rp. 300,000; or a compensation of 50% and a re-routing. (The airline should find another way to transport passengers to their destination).

Flight Cancellation:

  • Passengers should be put on the next flight or another airline, or get accommodation and booked on a flight the following day.
  • Many passengers might also ask for a refund, please make sure you understand the refund policy before you book a flight. 

Airlines are Doing their Best!

Many passengers might also ask for a refund, please make sure you understand the refund policy before you book a flight. 

Indonesia has many volcanoes and some of them are more or less active. In recent years there have been flight delays and cancellation because of volcano eruptions. This is not due to lava covering the airports. It is because of the smoke and dust clouds that might hover over an airport; they contain tiny glass particles and are very dangerous if they get into jet engines. They cool down and harden, stopping the engines.

The Mt Gunung Agung eruptions on Bali in 2017 and 2018 although in the north of the island far away from the tourist centers have seen the closures of not only I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport in Bali, other airports in East Java were also affected at some point. All airlines have helped passengers to either reschedule their flights to other days, refunded flights or have arranged bus and ferry transportation off the island of Bali and to the next available and open airport.

If you want to be covered for all eventualities with no risk, you might consider travel insurance not only for air ticket Indonesia but all eventualities that can happen on a holiday trip.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Bali Hotels far away from Mt Gunung Agung

Stay south of Bali, for example the southern tip of Nusa Dua, a beautiful hotel complex. Around the airport is Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, the surf, party and luxury beaches. The safe and family, relaxing beach is Sanur. if you are crazy about water sports, Benoa is your destination. 

Air Ticket Indonesia

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