Indonesia Dive Sites Cruise on an Old Schooner

Visit Indonesia dive sites in style on a traditional cargo ship that has been transformed into a cruise ship. Big Cruise lines have difficulties maneuvering through the many islands that form the republic of Indonesia. Waters between some of the land masses are quite shallow and narrow. On the other hand between Bali and Lombok the water can get really rough because of the deep valley in the sea and you need a stable and established vessel to travel comfortably.

The Sea Safari Phinisi vessels tick all the boxes. They are safe and offer all the comfort, gadgets, personnel and know how you need to spend relaxing days cruising the sea and completing exciting dives exploring the rich underwater world in very specific spots of this huge archipelago.

Diving is for beginners and advanced; there will be teachers and mentors on board. The crew will also provide the equipment for diving, snorkeling and fishing to make sure your holidays are memorable.

Your air conditioned cabin contains a queen a size bed and a small bathroom with shower, international food is prepared and served by experienced staff. Entertainment is assured; bar, sound system, DVD players, TV and Karaoke and the very necessary computer with Adobe Photoshop, satellite telecommunication service is at your disposal.

Safety is a Big Issue

Sea Safari is providing all necessary equipment for emergencies like

  • experienced crew
  • life jackets
  • speed boat
  • life saving boat
  • inflatable life raft
  • fire hose etc.

There are Many Indonesia Dive Sites and Sea Safari Owns Not Just One Cruise Ship 

There are several of these Phinisi anchored in different harbors throughout Indonesia. We visited Sea Safari VII flying the pirate flag! The marketing director took us from the office at Benoa Harbor straight to the ship itself where we were allowed on board to see it for ourselves. The crew was preparing a dinner cruise around the harbor.

We recognized the ship immediately as a Phinisi because of its curved decks; according to the captain they use the sails and engines, depending on the request of the guests and also depending on weather and currents.

Read all about sailing, mainly from a women’s point of view, learn how Christine deals with different issues and challenges.

I Remember Our Own Cruise 

Many years ago when Tom and Kathy were still in primary school, we had a chance to join a cruise from Flores to Komodo and Sumbawa. We stopped at several harbors and had a chance to see unique landmarks and visit local tribes. The highlight was the snorkeling and trek on Komodo Island to see for ourselves the unique prehistoric Komodo dragons.

To cruise through the beautiful and also strange string of islets east of Bali and explore the underwater as well as the land is an absolute adventure; do not miss this Indonesia dive sites cruise.

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Indonesia Dive Sites

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