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Welcome to Bali Hotel Quack! Choosing Bali as your holiday destination is a smart choice.  It is a destination that has a lot to offer. You can choose between beautiful luxurious accommodation nestled in Coconut Palm Groves and looking over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and more budget-friendly hotels and villas in back streets and alleyways. If you want to get away from the party centers of the south, stay in the mountains or quiet beaches all over Bali.

Bali Hotels and Other Accommodation 

Are you looking for luxurious hotels all over Bali? Some of them are situated directly on a beautiful beach.

Or go the the page with the list of different accommodations like affordable villas and apartments or suites. There are plenty of big and small Bali hotels close to and far from the beach with their own uniqueness and charm. Some of them are also very budget friendly

Peek into Bali’s Magical Traditions

Nature lovers will enjoy driving through gorgeous valleys, Balinese villages and lush rice fields; even up steep mountains with vast panoramic views over volcano craters and lakes. Do not forget to take a glimpse into the distinctive Balinese culture; watch a magical dance or participate in a temple ceremony.

Watch this Ngaben or cremation ceremony on our YouTube Channel; we came across it traveling towards the mountains.

There are plenty of other reasons Bali is special and you should spend some time to watch typical dances and other cultural highlights.

You can’t get Bored in Bali

There are plenty of things to do in Bali not just surfing

With my family from Switzerland we enjoyed water sports; Fly-Boarding, even I had to try and Flying Fish was unique a must for the kids. 

Besides the many beautiful beach side restaurants in hotels, there are plenty of famous must experience eateries on the island of Bali, Motel Mexicola is one of them. 

There are plenty of delicious specialties to try with more restaurants and clubs on that page. 

Choose Your Perfect Destination

Tour Bali first to decide where you want to stay. Go to that list of beaches and centers like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and below is Sanur

There is Much More than Bali; we take You There!

Bali is just one of the many islands of the Republic of Indonesia. There are many more destinations to experience. Some offer modern and luxurious hotels or other accommodations. There are many different cultures to learn about and many more beautiful volcanoes to climb and wildlife to admire. 

Java is big and culturally different, see what we suggest. Sumatra and Kalimantan are huge islands to the West and North of Bali, they are still rugged. 

How about exploring the spice islands, the beautiful reefs, sea life, cultures and food on the islands to the East of Bali

The picture on the right shows a Penjor made from bamboo and young coconut leaves. It is crafted especially for celebrations. Your holiday in Bali is a celebration; plan accordingly. We help you.

When Did Bali Hotel Quack Start?

The first time I stepped on Bali was more than 30 years ago. I was working in the tourism industry and was posted to Bali for one year. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful, friendly, and yet strikingly different island of the gods. I could never forget it!

Before you even step onto this stunning and lush tropical island you can smell its perfume. A sweet fragrance of assorted tropical spices mixed with offerings, flowers and Kretek the Indonesian clove cigarette. It is a whiff of mysticism and each time I arrive in Bali I close my eyes and I smile, it is still there the unmistaken perfume of paradise on earth.

Way back then we professionals discussed the fate of Bali many times and at length. Alin a Frenchman and friend said: “We need to protect the Balinese from the tourists so that their culture will not be destroyed!” After 30 years I am very happy to report that the Balinese religion and culture is alive, thriving and maybe stronger than ever. Tourism has even helped improve or enhance certain aspects by providing jobs and income so that locals can keep their traditions alive.I hope that you enjoy our Bali hotel quack site.

Why use Ducks Together with Bali Hotel?

Ducks have always played an important role in a Balinese farmer’s life. In the olden days driving back to the South from a day excursion in the mountains we would encounter huge flocks of them. Farmers holding long bamboo poles with a white flag on the top were followed by waddling and quacking ducks.

They too were heading home from a day excursion feeding on scrumptious insects in rice fields. Nowadays you can’t see them much along the streets anymore; they are still a favorite souvenir item though, carved from wood and painted in a mixture of colors. They also feature prominently on many restaurant menus.

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