Indonesia Islands; Plenty to Explore! 

Indonesia islands form a huge archipelago; and yes, including Bali which is still offering the most hotels and attractions. The government is developing many more hubs because the sheer number of different cultures, languages, religions, old and new centers of interest and influence are absolutely mindboggling. The last count revealed that Indonesia consists of more than 17508 islands; big ones and tiny ones; lots of destinations to travel to.

Do not Expect Luxury Hotels Everywhere

Many big hotel chains internationals and locals and of course individual and unique hospitality organizations are putting lots of money into developing different kinds of accommodation in provincial capitals and other big cities. Some are betting on business travelers and some on tourists who all are requesting professional services.

And yet on Indonesia islands there are still many off the beaten track gems, international guests want to see. Places that are beautiful and interesting and do not have adequate infrastructure yet. There you will stay in basic accommodations like one star hotels, home stays or local homes and even tents.

When in Bali I came across an Indonesian Cultural Procession, watch it on a short video below or click to watch on YouTube and see other videos we made too.

The Capital is Huge, Modern, Based on Plenty of History  

The capital of this remarkable archipelago is Jakarta and is situated on the north west of the island of Java. It is a modern city with plenty of things to explore:

Stay at one of the multitude of interesting hotels, here is one of them

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is Indonesia’s miniature park. It was started by Mrs Tien Suharto the wife of the second president of the Republic of Indonesia. It is situated in the eastern part of the city.

Monas is the national monument, situated smack in the middle of the commercial center, between the old town and the new.

The area of Jakarta is getting bigger and bigger; people like to own their own houses and therefore move to the suburbs where new housing complexes complete with schools, shopping and health centers and ample entertainment. We spent a new years eve in one of these new hubs listening to a famous Indonesian singer.

The citizens of Jakarta like to spend their weekends in the cool mountainous area of Bogor and Puncak, a 2 hour drive out of the bustling city. Here you can spend a night at Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara in English and Bahasa Indonesia, Comments page and visit the famous, well maintained Taman Safari. 

Java; the Most Populated One

This quite long and narrow island to the south of Malaysia and Singapore and east of Sumatra has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is a rich land with a long history and refined culture. The great Majapahit Empire reached and traded with the eastern island for spices and influenced a vast territory that reached up to today’s Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Bandung, the Paris von Java

With its cool climate and lush surrounding is worth a weekend trip. We have explored the more fun and active part inf forests and mountains; besides of course the shopping in Factory Outlets at good prices and exploring the Sundanese food. We stayed at wooden cabins at Grafika with and awesome Flying Fox and Tom and Fithri went glamping at Dusun Bambu

Cirebon, a Sleepy Harbor Town

It is situated along the north shore and has been the capital of a sultanate with a long history and Sundanese culture. Tom has visited a new and modern hotel there. 

Discover the center of the island which is still quite rural. Travel through endless rice fields and farm villages and take a breather from the fast paced live of the city. Close to Purwokerto is the dam of the Serayu River where you can enjoy a beautiful serene view and some water sports. Stay a night or two at Hotel Tunas Alam, just off the main highway.

The Historic and Student City of Jogjakarta

Yogyakarta and our favorite green hotel there is a must visit. The sultan and his family are still genuinely revered and executing duties as an Abti Dale(place servant) within the palace walls is still a great honor.  Tom, Fithri and Azzam have stayed in this green and modern hotel. They also enjoyed rafting and swimming in a river nearby.

Kathy and I traveled to Jogjakarta to watch Prambanan Jazz. We stayed in GQ Hotel close to the airport and on the way to Prambanan Temple.

Solo/Surakarta the Cradle of Javanese Culture

Kathy and I had the opportunity to get an invitation to the Coronation Anniversary of SISKS (His Highness) PAKOE BOEWONO XIII at the (palace) Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat and watched the sacred dance Bedhoyo Ketawang in April 2016. A very special event for Indonesia Islands royalty since Indonesia is a Republic. The sultans or rajahs have pure cultural and ceremonial powers and the ones still active are only a few, Solo and Jogjakarta included.

If you would like to join this very special event, you can! We try to get the few seats available for next years ceremony, so you can enjoy this rare event. sign up here for more information.

To be be immersed into Javanese Culture we stayed at The Royal Surakarta Heritage hotel and also at the simpler Aziza Hotel an Islamic style accommotation.

We went to watch a Wayang Wong Theater, visited the interesting Batik Museum by Danar Hadi with a vast collection of rare pieces; and of course had to taste the special foods, went shopping and used public transport.

Kalimantan, Rich in Resources and Natural Beauty

Indonesia islands offer plenty of adventures throughout the many bigger and smaller land masses. Diving is one of the fascinating activities one can indulge in. Visit a small island off east Kalimantan with us.

Bali, the Most Famous Indonesia Islands

Most of this website is dedicated to Bali; you should not have any troubles planning your perfect vacation on this beautiful island situated east of Java and west of Lombok.

 Find out more about Bali

How to get there

Luxury Hotels in Bali:

In Nusa Dua, the far south Nikki Beach Bali; The WestinInaya Putri Bali

Jimbaran, south of the airport The Four SeasonsBalquisse Heritage HotelAbi Hotel and Rimba

Indonesia Islands

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