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Indonesia Islands; Plenty to Explore

Indonesia islands form a huge archipelago; and yes, including Bali which is still offering the most hotels and attractions. The government is developing many more hubs

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Hotels Indonesia Solo Aziza; Catering to Moslems

When traveling in Central Java hotels Indonesia Solo Aziza Hotel that caters especially to Muslims might be a unique choice for you. In Bali it is difficult to find hotels like this

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Hotels Indonesia; a Truly Royal Stay

There is plenty of Hotels Indonesia; it is a huge archipelago. Bali hotels were the first to really be developed for holidays and cater to foreign tourists. Now the government is pushing

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Indonesia Product Batik; Beautiful Cloth

Indonesia product batik is sold in hotel boutiques and street markets in Bali. The cradle though of this beautiful

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Indonesia Travel Information Surakarta Transport

Indonesia travel information Surakarta transport was a real surprise. In Bali one has to take taxis to and from hotels; here we took public buses and it was easy

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Indonesia Travel Information Solo Shopping

Indonesia travel information Solo shopping. Although Bali also offers plenty of Batik souvenirs, in many hotel shops and cheap markets, the cradle of it is in Central Java Solo and Jogjakarta

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Indonesia Travel Information Surakarta Culture

Bali has plenty to offer, but our Indonesia travel information Surakarta culture explores a sleepy town in Central Java also called Solo. We show you the way of life, shopping and hotels.

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Indonesia Travel Information Solo; Unique Food

Indonesia travel information Solo food gives you a glimpse into the island of Java not Bali. The culture, landscapes, even hotels might look the same to foreign visitors, they are not

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The Bliss of Bali Aromatherapy

Bali aromatherapy products are sold in many places, hotel shops, malls, supermarkets and especially souvenir shops. People buy them to use in Bali for massages on the beach

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Very Rare and Unique Opportunity to Experience Original Javanese Culture inside the Palace

21-23 April 2017 Surakarta/Solo, Central Java

Watch a sacred Javanese Dance performed solely for the Anniversary of the Sultan’s Coronation.

This is a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to experience to be a guest in the Surakarta, palace. Be part of the Anniversary ceremony of the Coronation of the Sultan. Watch the sacred dance that is only performed this day and may not be witnessed by just anybody. You have to done Javanese traditional attire (will be provided).

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